Trouble in Democratic Party as MPs Demand Political Accountability from President Mao

Posted: 2020-01-29T09:03:55Z
Trouble in Democratic Party as MPs Demand Political Accountability from President Mao

Members of parliament from the Democratic Party, DP want the party’s President General Norbert Mao to explain the ongoing confusion in the issuance of party cards and distribution of village registers.

Speaking to the media at Parliament this morning, the DP Parliamentary caucus led by Busiro East MP Medard Lubega Ssegona demanded that with immediate effect, funds are made available to the office of the Party organizing secretary to enable him carryout his constitutional mandate as it relates to party leadership renewal.

The MPS also demanded that the party leadership comes out to explain and make available all accountability for funds received from the EC, borrowed from various sources, contributed by party members and generated from party printer among others.

Joseph Ssewungu, Medard Ssegona and Mathias Mpuuga told reporters this morning, that they want the party to embark on ensuring that the leadership renewal process is carried out transparently and reflects the will of the party members as opposed to the whims of certain self-seekers in the party ranks.
“We demand that the Inspectorate of Government takes interest in the matter and carries out investigations in the use of party funds” they added.

The Party President has been popularizing registration of new members and issuance of party cards on social media, something whose transparency is being doubted.

“Guess what! I was getting on with my work at the DP Secretariat Headquarters and heard a knock on the door. Guess who was there? #Omwaavu! He told me he had been looking for me and was delighted to finally meet. We gave him a membership card and dressed him up in green” Mao wrote on twitter this Monday.