We shall Arrest you; Police warns FDC on Parallel Independence Day Celebrations

Posted: 2019-10-07T18:46:57Z
We shall Arrest you; Police warns FDC on Parallel Independence Day Celebrations

Uganda police force has warned the leadership of Forum for Democratic Change, FDC to drop the idea of holding parallel Independence Day celebrations or face arrest.

As Uganda prepares to celebrate her 57th Independence Day Anniversary, the opposition party says there is nothing to celebrate under president Museveni, but, they have a better way of commemorating the day without wasting tax payers’ money.

The National celebrations will take place on Wednesday 9th October 2019 at Sironko District grounds under the Theme; “Consolidation of National Unity, Security, Freedom and Prosperity.” President Museveni will be chief guest. 

However, Ssemujju Nganda the FDC party spokesperson says there is nothing to celebrate while Museveni is still in power. Adding that Uganda is still in colonial ways. He says that like in Tanzania, money supposed to be spent on Independence Day celebrations should be used for road construction.

Pombe Magufuli said the money that was meant to be spent on the ceremony should be spent on repairing the roads that were badly off in Tanzania” he noted.
Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye will be chief guest at the event that will be held at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

However, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says they have not received any calendar indicating that there will be a different independence ceremony from that in Sironko.
“If they want to organize a gathering, they have not yet written to police seeking permission as stipulated in the Public Order Management Act” Enanga said.