They are back; Yellow Piglets dropped in Jinja Town

Posted: 2019-07-02T17:23:02Z
They are back; Yellow Piglets dropped in Jinja Town

Drama ensued on Tuesday when youths dropped piglets on the streets of Jinja town. Identifying selves as the NRM youth under their pressure group team no sleep, the protesters were against party leaders whom they accuse of alleged hypocrisy.  

As has been the case in Kampala in the past, five piglets which all painted yellow were dropped on Obote Avenue by the angry youth who allege that they have made several proposals to meet President Museveni over the pledges he made in 2016, but have been frustrated by the NRM leaders.  

According to Ivan Maganda, the group’s chairperson, Jinja West MP, Moses Balyeku is at fault for causing divisions between youth in the district. Maganda alleges that, ever since Balyeku lost the district NRM chairperson race in 2015, he has sidelined all the youth who never supported him.  

A one Erick Mudhasi, the group’s secretary also alleges that Balyeku has been at the forefront of mobilizing youth within NRM, but only roots for those in the neighbouring districts, and ignores the youth from Jinja.  

However, one of the group members identified as Juliet Nanyojjo, says that the Jinja District NRM Chairperson, Nathan Igeme is never in office which has caused divisions within the party.  But, Balyeku dismissed all the allegations against him arguing that he could not address the issue extensively because he is out of the country, but all those accusations are false. 

According to Majid Dhikusooka, the NRM district Deputy Chairperson, the frustrated youth should follow right channels while addressing their issues other than through protests.  

Throwing yellow pigs on the streets was a strategy by the poor youths in Kampala who over the years have accused government of neglecting them to die in poverty. They claim to want a change in government.