Journalists assaulted at FDC, Demand apology from POA

Posted: 2019-03-18T12:11:24Z
Journalists assaulted at FDC, Demand apology from POA

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC may not receive any media coverage if the party leaders led by their president Patrick Oboi Amuriat do not come out and immediately apologize to the media fraternity.

The communication was made by journalists who were allegedly assaulted by people they term as idlers at the party head offices in Najjanankumbi this morning.

Journalists who had showed up for the party’s weekly press briefing were informed of its cancellation moments after 11am when it was meant to commence. 

They did not take the announcement well and demanded an explanation from the announcer, only for them to be locked into a room by an unknown person. 

Filled with rage, journalists asked that the party president Amuriat and spokesperson Hon. Ssemujju Nganda apologize to them or they will not show up for their programs anymore.

“Its high time we stopped covering these guys, because they call us and never show up. Their idle members keep battering us, the party president and spokesperson should apologize for us. We need a public apology for their drunk members battering us, this is enough” Ronald Kabuye the UJA Spokesperson said.

He added that FDC has by end of business today to apologize to the journalism fraternity or be blacklisted.

A few weeks ago, Betty Nambooze the Mukono municipality MP also member of the peoples’ government accused journalists of being spies who steal their secrets and sell them to NRM. She promised that they will not engage media in most of their programs.

It remains unclear if the mysterious cancellation of press conferences at the party head offices is part of the move.