Businge, Banura win Hoima, Kikuube districts NRM Primaries 

Posted: 2018-11-22T07:09:37Z
Businge, Banura win Hoima, Kikuube districts NRM Primaries 

Harriet Businge will represent the ruling NRM party in the upcoming Hoima Woman MP Seat by-election after she emerged winner of party primaries held on Wednesday.

Tanga Odoi the NRM party Electoral Commission Chairperson declared Businge the winner at 2 am this morning after garnering 17,747 votes against Grace Mary Mugasa's 10,689 votes, while Benedetta Plan got 2,046 votes, Aisha Kabaramagi 1,373 votes and Naume Kojo 637
Prof. Odoi applauded Hoima residents for trusting Businge and asked the losers to join her in promoting the party. 

The Hoima Woman MP seat fell vacant after the incumbent Tophace Kaahwa Byagira, relocated to the newly created Kikuube district.

Businge, upon being declared winner vowed to support and follow the party agenda to ensure that the people of Hoima and Bunyoro at large are united under the National Resistance- NRM Party.

Peter Banura was elected flag bearer for the District LC5 seat in the newly created district of Kikuube, after garnering 34,185 votes against Vincent Alpha Opio who was second with 9,339 votes Tom Muhe 1,419 votes and Linas Kiiza who got 414 votes.

According to Odoi, the voting in Kikuube was free, fair and peaceful adding that no cases of electoral violence, voter bribery and rigging were registered.