FDC Whips NRM in Rukungiri

Posted: 2018-06-01T08:12:20Z
FDC Whips NRM in Rukungiri

Forum for democratic change FDC party has proven to be the most popular party in Rukungiri after beating the ruling National Resistance Movement, NRM to take the district woman MP slot.

The hotly contested seat saw FDC candidate Betty Muzanira after polling 50,611 against NRM candidate Matsiko Winifred’s 46,329. Other candidates in the race were Prisca Sezi Mbaguta, an independent who came in the third position with 993 and PPP’s Kukundakwe Fabith came last with 183 votes.

Kiyimba Umar, the Returning officer for Rukungiri electoral district declared Muzanira as a winner in the wee hours of Friday.

Total number of valid votes cast were 98,167, invalid votes were 2,152. This is out of the 100,318 votes counted. Spoilt ballot papers were 338.

“Accordingly, as the returning officer for Rukungiri Electoral District and in accordance to section 58(1) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005 (As amended), I declare Bamukwatsa Betty who has obtained the largest number of votes, to be the elected candidate for District Woman Representative to Parliament, Rukungiri District” Kiyimba said.

The seat fell vacant on March 22nd 2018, when justices of the Court of Appeal nullified the election of Winifred Matsiko and ordered fresh election. The election petition had been filed by the now MP, Muzanira Betty of the FDC party.