Oulanya faults MPs for being Museveni’s Puppets

Posted: 2018-01-24T08:34:35Z
Oulanya faults MPs for being Museveni’s Puppets

Jacob Oulanyah, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament has lashed at members for wasting a lot of time discussing politics other than real issues that affect the day today lives of Ugandans.

Delivering his presentation during the dialogue between Parliament, Civil society and Political party representatives on the topic "Parliament a voice of the people, a reflection of the 10th Parliament", Oulanyah, said his own assessment shows that parliament rarely discusses matters that really build the economy.
He questioned when Uganda will discuss things that matter like wealth creation, saying Ugandans are lazy thinkers who prefer discussing politics, which doesn't require a lot of thinking, reading and analysis. 
Oulanyah noted that the 10th parliament, which he chairs hasn't had time to discuss important issues other than politics. He said the public discussion should focus on how Parliament can change the structure of things in the economy, infrastructure and budget among others.
He challenged independent researchers to assess parliament, saying they will be shocked to realise that parliament spends time on trivial matters.
“So that, what comes out of parliament is not just the wish of President Yoweri Museveni, the wish of executive arm of government, but the wish as blended by true wish and aspiration of the people of this country,” Oulanya said.
Earlier on, Civil Society and Political party representatives faulted Parliament for their supposed failure to represent the views of their electorate. The civil society dialogue is part of the activities commemorating the parliamentary week.

The activity will end with a discussion on Thursday between members of the public and selected members of Parliament debating a topic in relation to Parliament as a voice of the people.