Martial loses Igara East seat to nemesis, Mawanda

Posted: 2017-12-15T10:15:32Z
Martial loses Igara East seat to nemesis, Mawanda

Andrew Martial has emerged loser in the Igara East by-election that took place on Thursday December 14th 2017.

Martial was elected to the 10th parliament in 2016, but Mawanda, a former MP of the same constituency dragged him to court citing irregularities in the voting, tallying and announcing of results like arithmetic variations on the result declaration forms, creation of non gazetted polling stations, ballot stuffing, intimidation, defamation by agents of his opponent and bribery.

On Tuesday October 3rd, constitutional judges Egoda Ntende, Richard Buteera and new deputy chief justice Owiny Odolo ruled in favor of Mawanda, throwing the youthful Martial out of the house.

Now, many a people blamed Martial’s predicament on the fact that he had opposed his party (NRM) stand on the Age limit. However, the losing MP this week told President Museveni that someone was sabotaging him, peddling lies that he was against his bosses. 

This however could be the reason the young legislator lost the election yesterday. After Tuesday’s revelation that he had gone against his own words to impress the president, many voters decided it was a wrong move to entrust him with the seat again.

Last night, Micheal Mawanda an independent candidate was declared winner, beating Martial and four other candidates. Mawanda re-attained the seat after garnering 16,209 votes, against Martial’s 12,991 votes. 

In the 3rd position was independent candidate Katana Benjamin Kagiremire who garnered 1,477 votes, Ninsiima Christine Bekunika, the FDC candidate came 4th with 497 votes, Independent candidates Kananura Bedads and Armstrong David came 5th and 6th with 480 and 76 votes respectively.

Mawanda was declared winner by Mbabazi Godfrey the returning officer Bushenyi electoral district. 

This morning, FDC leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye took to twitter and said voting an independent candidate was a bad idea, but that as FDC, they respected the people’s choice based on fear of Museveni money and rigging. 

Mawanda stood as an independent candidate, after his party (NRM) abandoned him and decided to field Andrew Martial as a sole party candidate, ignoring the idea of party primaries