FDC Wants Report on Wakiso Murders

Posted: 2017-09-04T10:49:51Z
FDC Wants Report on Wakiso Murders

Opposition forum for democratic Change, FDC has demanded that government under the ministry of internal affairs releases a report about a spate of murders in Nansana and Entebbe or resign.

The demand comes after a lifeless body of another young woman was discovered in Nyanama this morning. According to Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, the lady, in her 20s is yet to be identified.

Now, speaking to the press in Najjanankumbi this morning, Paul Mwiru, the FDC deputy publicist said that with the DISOs, RISOs and national security organs, these murders should have stopped already, and reports issued.

“Amidst all this security network, we wonder how this can happen and then we engage into speculation. Ugandans are fed up of being fed on speculation. If they have failed, it is only honorable that they resign and FDC takes power, so that we provide the necessary security to our people” Mwiru scoffed.

According to police, the latest victim was dumped at a washing bay in Nyanama along Entebbe Road. The body was rushed to Mulago hospital mortuary, as investigations commence.

Earlier this morning, Ugandans attacked the president for ignoring the murders and heading to the western region to talk about the land amendment bill.