Nambooze in hot soup over botched Friday meeting

Posted: 2017-04-04T12:43:18Z
Nambooze in hot soup over botched Friday meeting

The deputy president of DP in Buganda region, Betty Nambooze is in hot soup over the Friday scenes at Nsambya which led to her arrest.

The DP iron lady was arrested while attempting to access Nsambya sharing hall where she intended to hold a meeting with her fans.

Now, Alex Waiswa, the DP deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa says the Mukono MP should own up and take responsibility of her actions that tainted the party with such a bad image.

“Our message to Nambooze and the small cacoon around her, is that they should respect and abide by the party constitution. And concerning the Friday meeting, Nambooze takes full responsibility. If she had abandoned heading to that line, nothing like would have happened to the DP and the news that came with the process” he said.

The party’s NEC has consequently summoned Nambooze to appear before its members on April 20th and answer to questions on her conduct.

“The National executive committee has been put on notice, it will be sitting on the 20th of this month and ofcourse the matter to discuss is the indiscipline. Nambooze has been put on notice that there will be an official NEC meeting and she is expected to put her case. It is there, that the appropriate action will be taken against her character in respect of the matters of Friday” Waiswa added.

Nambooze had called a meeting to bring together members of the Democratic party in Buganda region, under a campaign dubbed “Bad DP, Good DP.”