I cannot meet Museveni for Dialogue- Besigye

Posted: 2017-01-02T10:14:34Z
I cannot meet Museveni for Dialogue- Besigye

Former presidential candidate, Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye has revealed he can't meet his counterpart H.E Yoweri Museveni for a dialogue as individual without a clear agenda.

Speaking to the press at the FDC Katonga offices this morning about his plans for 2017, Besigye said he would never meet Museveni without a clear agenda, and a respected mediator.

“I don't think he can meet me if I invite him, Mr. Museveni has ever invited me when I was still the president of FDC, but when I asked for agenda, and change in the venue, I received a letter ordering me to either attend on not” Besigye said.

 He added that other opposition candidates including Abed Bwanika, Miria Obote and Ssebana Kizito went for the meeting, but to take pictures and tea.

“What came out of that meeting? Insisting on these dialogues is radicalism; I don't have any apologies over that” Besigye said.

He described 2016 as a year of tragedy which saw an increase in land grabbing, vote rigging, massacres especially in Rwenzori region, murder of Muslim leaders, lake board conflicts, and hunger where many have died.

He added that health care was a mess especially after the closure of Makerere University and poor facilities of federal hospitals, education has also been affected; while State house became a clearing agency selling out Ugandans, swearing in of a contested electoral commission.

He described the February 2016 Presidential Elections as impotent. He said this is because; “they decided to incarcerate the legitimate leader and grabbed his victory and the non-violence struggle dubbed political defiance is the best way to go and I wonder how most elites interpret political defiance and I challenge them to seat clearly understand what defiance means.”

On the brighter side, Besigye said despite all the above problems, Uganda also witnessed the National team qualify for Africa cup of nations after over 39years.