DP Walks to Luzira to Demand the Release of Troublesome Young Democrats

Posted: 2016-09-27T13:12:31Z Read: 1,832 times
DP Walks to Luzira to Demand the Release of Troublesome Young Democrats

Members of the opposition Democratic Party, DP is today set to walk to Luzira prison demanding the release of five Uganda Young Democrats who were arrested 2 weeks ago.

Nobert Mao, the DP president says efforts by the party to bail them out last week failed after the application for bail was quashed by Court on grounds that it was not backed by satisfactory reasons to convince the magistrate and invoke her discretion to grant bail coupled with what court regarded as inconsistencies in the identification documents presented by some of our sureties.

“The Democratic Party highly respects the decisions of court whether in our favor or not but in this we condemn the partisanship and selective approach exhibited by the court because if the murder suspect was released and the two youths who threw piglets at parliament were released, why not the UYDs?”

Mao says the party’s legal team is determined to undertake all it takes within the confines of law to secure a Production Warrant before the set date of return of the accused to court on 4th October, 2016.

“However, despite the bail being a constitutional right, the suspects have families for which they are bread winners, and children to go back to school so, we think the application for bail is grounded enough to see them released once reproduced in court” a statement by Mao reads.

It added; “In solidarity with families of the accused, we are set to go walking to Luzira today to visit our members and give material and financial support to detainees and their families.”

The Party urged all stakeholders to carry on the cause that saw these youth incarcerated Not temporarily as it may with parliament’s dismissal of the bill but to oppose it forever.

The youth were arrested on September 15th when they tried to force their way into parliament protesting against the proposed amendments to the constitution to lift age limits for judicial officers and the commissioners of the Electoral Commission.

They include; Kizza Hakim, Bigirwa Moses, Haruna Kasozi, Kayondo Juma, Wabulembo and Kitonsa Moses.