FDC plans own National Independence day celebrations

Posted: 2016-09-19T13:14:25Z Read: 2,406 times
FDC plans own National Independence day celebrations

The opposition forum for democratic change has announced plans to hold national independence celebrations apart from the government planned activities.

Addressing the press at Najanankumbi this morning, FDC Spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda accused government of turning national celebrations into an NRM affair.

“We are going to have activities in different parts of the country specifically Kampala and Wakiso. We will announce the venues where these activities will take place in due course” said Nganda.

He added; “As a party we think the NRM has monopolized and turned what ordinarily should have been public celebrations into NRM celebrations. So we think as a country we deserve to have national events remembering the day we got independence as Africans.”

Government is yet to announce where this year’s 54th national independence celebrations will be held.

Uganda gained its independence from Britain on October 9th 1962.

FDC has put together working committees to plan for activities ahead of the big day in different districts though not all of them.