Eng. John Nasasira Officially Retires after 27 years of Service

Posted: 2016-06-27T13:04:23Z
Eng. John Nasasira Officially Retires after 27 years of Service

Former minister for ICT Eng. John Nasasira has today officially handed over office to the newly appointed minister of the expanded ministry Hon. Frank Tumwebaze.

Eng. Nasasira has been in active politics and a minister for the past 27 years. He served all this long as the Member of Parliament for Kazo county.

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze was recently appointed minister of the now ministry of information technology and communication replacing Nasasira who went into retirement last year.

During today’s ceremony, Eng. Nasasira congratulated his successor Hon. Tumwebaze and the newly appointed state minister Aidah Nantaba upon their appointment.

He promised to guide them as they steer the ministry on as he now retires to the private sector.

“I am very happy to see myself going into retirement. I started this retirement in July last year when I declared that I was not going to stand after 27 years of being a member of parliament. But I am sure I am still here for any consultation, for advice” Nasasira said.

He added that “I have a lot of passion for ICT ministry, I will still be here retired but not tired, and I will go in private sector and do my work.”

He assured the new ministers that the ministry’s vision of a knowledge based Uganda enabled by a vibrant ICT sector isn’t just a dream, but can be achieved in a reasonable time.

Minister Tumwebaze on the other hand thanked the Engineer for being the pioneer of the ICT sector. Tumwebaze praised Nasasira for being an engineer who inspired him at a young age to study and pass science subjects.

“Me and my sister Aidah, we are lucky people, we will not be starting from scratch we will be starting from somewhere to nurture and grow a garden that has already been planted tended to up to a mature level” Tumwebaze added.