Inside MP Nambooze’s Near-death Experience

Posted: 2016-06-16T08:27:53Z
Inside MP Nambooze’s Near-death Experience

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Betty Bakireke Nambooze has clarified to her constituents and fans that she is alive and kicking.

Yesterday, news run like wild fire on social media that the no nonsense legislator had passed on after suffering a serious fall at her home.

She however took to her Facebook page and clarified in a rather long statement.

The statement reads

“Mp Bakireke Nambooze to MADAM TEACHER'S CLASS 14 June at 19:29 • On Saturday I was in very high spirits and went out with my brother,son and five of my close friends....we had a wonderful day together but when I reached home I started feeling severe pangas of pain in the stomach....I was taken to Mukono Church hospital where I was treated so Sunday evening I was feeeling much better and discharged....unfortunately on Monday morning my husband had taken the children to school and the maid had issues to settle at another school where her children I was alone at home....I had intended to pick a drink from the refrigarator down stairs when I collapsed and this is the condition where I was found almost an hour latter.....The good thing I have recieved proper care and am in safe hands....all tests dont point to anything fatal and in just days I hope to be on my of now the doctors have just put me on observation... as they carry out more tests to rule out any element of harm.... THANK YOU FOR THE CONCERN AND PRAYERS.”

We wish her a quick recovery and return to the house.