Controversy As Gen. Muntu Summons FDC Working Committee To Announce The Leader Of Opposition

Posted: 2016-05-25T09:07:28Z Read: 2,038 times
Controversy As Gen. Muntu Summons FDC Working Committee To Announce The Leader Of Opposition

The forum for democratic change, FDC party national executive committee, NEC and party MPs on Tuesday chose a new leader of opposition in Parliament.

The move comes just a day after a faction led by Ssemujju Nganda, the party spokesperson and Ingrid Turinawe the FDC women league leader insisted there was no need for a leader of opposition, claiming their party won the February 18th election.

But a meeting chaired by party President Gen. Mugisha Muntu on Tuesday agreed to reveal the nominated LoP by close of business today, contrary to the earlier arrangement.

At the moment, business in parliament is stuck without a Lop. On Tuesday, speaker Rebecca Kadaga told legislators that the house still has space problems since NRM legislators who are majority in the house cannot fit in their designated seats.

She argues that for NRM MPs to move to the opposition side, which still has some empty seats, the speaker has to seek permission from a leader of opposition, who at the moment is nowhere.

FDC Deputy Electoral Commission chairman, Michael Kabaziguruka told the media this morning that there will be a meeting today at the party headquarters where president Muntu will tell the FDC Working Committee his choice for LoP.

“We don’t know whom he will choose,” he said.

According to the party constitution, “The President nominates the LoP for NEC’s approval. Now that the party has taken the decision to appoint a Leader of Opposition in Parliament, it no longer matters whether I disagree or agree with it. My job is to defend this position,” said Kabaziguruka.

Today’s Working Committee will be attended by the Party President; Chairman;  head of legal, Mobilisation Secretary; Secretaries For Youth and Women; Secretary General, Treasury General and Electoral Commission.

Candidates in the race for the seat are Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal, Bugweri County MP Abdu Katuntu, Kasese Woman MP Hon Winnie Kiiza, Ssemujju Nganda, Prof Ogenga Latigo, MPs Kaps Fungaroo, Elijah Okupa and Odonga Otto among others.