Mbabazi; They stole our Evidence, I don’t know what to do

Posted: 2016-03-09T13:58:59Z
Mbabazi; They stole our Evidence, I don’t know what to do

Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi says they are yet to get evidence on who could have broken into the offices of his lawyers Fred Muwema, and Muhammed Mbabazi on Tuesday night.

Speaking to the media at his Nakasero offices, Mbabazi says it cannot be a mere coincidence that the two offices were raided at the same time.

Mbabazi’s lawyers were expected to file the evidence against Yoweri Museveni’s presidency before end of business today, which he says they might not be able to do.

He claims among the stolen properties is evidence that was expected to be taken before Supreme Court at 9:00am today, and computers.

Mbabazi wonders why he and his lwayers were prevented from seeing eachother today. According to the former premier, his lawyers were kept inside Fred Muwema’s raided offices at acacia and stopped from talking to him, while he was also blocked from entering the same offices.

The Police are still silent on allegations that they are responsible for the break-ins.