Uganda Presidential Debate — Museveni's Extract

Posted: 2016-02-14T07:44:42Z
Uganda Presidential Debate — Museveni's Extract

1. Why should Ugandans trust you with power?  

Thank you so much for organizing, the other time i did not come because i was far away. I am here to talk about Uganda not about fiction, if you want fiction and you want a nobel prize for literature, talk the way you talk. In 1900, Uganda was a feudal country of kingdoms, in 1962 it was an enclave economy, it was described as a 3Ts economy and 3Cs, cotton, copper coffee, tobbaco, tourism and tea, by 1986, Uganda had almost disappeared. it was a job for NRM, to revive and expand the economy, whatever you talk about Uganda, say how it is not how it wasn't. Am glad i came to talk about all of you directly, I believe we need more time because these are big issues. about democracy, it means the people support you, if they don't, that's not democracy.


Insecurity is ideological. If you have people that believe in sectarianism, tribalism, extreme religion you wont have security, here in uganda some people claim we only have absence of war but not security but we have peace because we fought off opponents. And we have not given those who want to bring insecurity a chance.
We went to Congo to defend ourselves because lots of anti Ugandan rebels were based in Congo killing our people. Now the whole of Rwenzori is safe even Dr Besigye can go there and campaign the way he wants because we brought about peace. Nobody can play with the security of Ugandan when am president of Uganda

Take On East African Community Intergration.

It's all about prosperity and security with neighbors. In 1986 Uganda was producing 200,000 tonnes of maize now we produce 4 MILIION tonnes. in 1986 we were producing 200,000 liters of milk now its 17 Billion.
Security: America wants to be superior to every one else and we are seating here with our little countries. Why should others seek to be superior yet we are here talking about little things. We need to have bigger powers by uniting amongst ourselves. Who can guarantee our future? The East African Community
How will u bring Burundi and TZ to the fast tracking? We are in talks with them it's a matter of time

 Take On ICC.

We should get out of ICC, In 1982, there were 3 of our soldiers who got drunk and killed civilians, we tried them in the bush but our lawyers Jim Muhwezi said its wasnt the boys that killed civillians but the beer. One of the boys was called what did we do? We shoot them...that's how we came with a disciplined army. ICC is biased so we've lost interest. They are not serious.
ICC is partisan, we have lost interest in being part of it, we never accept impunity in our country as you all know, we should have pulled out of ICC long time. The way to go is to have our own African Court! We deal with impunity in our own Terms!


"Oil was discovered by the NRM under my leadership and direct command. I trained the scientists" Yoweri Museveni
Nobody can be more accountable than NRM. The petroleum law was made by a multiparty parliament. Yoweri Museveni
"Oil was known to be in the Albertine Region in the 60s." Kizza Besigye
"If you want good accountability don't make false accusations. There is no government that is accountable like the NRM" Museveni
"The petroleum law Candidate Museveni talks about was made after NRM MPs had been briefed in Kyankwanzi. Kizza Besigye
"The British looked for between 1920 and 1956 and wrote a report that there was no oil" Yoweri Museveni


Tax collection has gone up because of the investment. Indians are very dynamic business people... The talk here confirms that it is only me who can manage Uganda. These candidates want ready-made things..


In 1966 when I decided to quit all my University choices to the University of Dar el Salaam where i met Nyerere & Samora" most important decision
When I delayed to shoot Idi Amin's soldiers and they ended up killing my two Colleagues" President Museveni regrettable decision

Closing Remark:

There will be peaceful elections in Uganda. We cannot allow any body to threaten people, this is not acceptable.