#‎UGDebate16: Corruption, peaceful transition of power and Unemployment top list of expectations from Tonight’s debate

Posted: 2016-01-15T14:26:03Z
#‎UGDebate16: Corruption, peaceful transition of power and Unemployment top list of expectations from Tonight’s debate

With just a few hours to the long awaited debate, Ugandans from all walks of life have sounded their opinions on what they expect candidates to address. The debate, first of its kind in the country will take place this evening at Serena hotel with expected participation of all 8 candidates in the race.

It will be moderated by two senior Ugandan journalists but working with international media houses Nancy Kacungira and Allan Kasujja. The candidates expected to take part in the debate include; Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, Maj. Benon Biraaro, Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Dr. Abed Bwanika, Maureen Kyalya, Mabirizi Joseph, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, and H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

 We run a question of your expectations from candidates and here are some of your opinions.

George Mwesigwa No candidate according to me has expressed ways on how he/she is going to deal with the commodity prices in the country. I want a leader who should come up and address this problem. You know people can never be happy in a country where they just stare at commodities on the market just because they cannot afford.

Ojok Billy Poor people are dying helplessly in the various hospitals because there are No drugs in these hospitals because of corruption..i want this addressed as a very high priority factor in this debate...

Manuel Sanroman Kyoya I'd like candidates to talk about the following; -Transformation of Uganda's economy -Standardisation of Education sector and health sector -Oil management -Infrastructure development -Creation of employment opportunities -Gender balance overall -corruption control -Immigration policies

Majweega Faizal Neo..colonialism high prices poverty rate and why is it dat evry property in Uganda is owned by Museveni...

Stevaul Araali We need a country that is free from tribalism, corruption, embezzlement and without privatisation of govnt resources.

 Joseph Twaale Value of our currency ...it's too low compared to other curricies in terms of exchange.hw are they going to do about it Shaidu Mafabulous Mafabi peaceful transition of power, restoration of term limits, and respect of the constitution

Kiptoek Levi Leviticus To put clear the end term limits of presidents let the long serving one surrender to others to come in also

Francis Kabengwa Selecta Inflation, term limits, unemployment, poor education system, low salaries, etc

Busuulwa John MPs salary shud b redused xo DAT mor morecan. B servd foooo othr busneszz, lyk roadz n rural areaz ar stil poor, case ov unemplymt, poor healthy servicz, poor educatn facilitz n rural based skulz and on anthz hand, de cases ov corruptn nd emblzmt ov public fundz by de top mst govt officilz, wc z at e high lvl, #sea lvl-------

NB:de abv probz ar de main onz kilng us #ugandanz dat we ar nt filng stable n our xtry UGANDA De case ov kifeesi saga n diffrt prts ov kampala our capitl shud als b debated on #if we ar to live peaseful nd als devlop #lyk Dubai #Ugandanz we suggstng #feb 18 foooo e betta ug Hassan Ali Quality Agric. Health. Education. Employment etc