Mike Sebalu Attacks Besigye Over Museveni’s Decision To Ditch Presidential Debate

Posted: 2016-01-11T08:20:36Z
Mike Sebalu Attacks Besigye Over Museveni’s Decision To Ditch Presidential Debate

Mike Sebalu, the Spokesperson of President Yoweri Museveni’s taskforce has accused FDC presidential candidate Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye of having a huge ego that would lead this country into turmoil if he ever made it to State house.

Sebalu was replying to FDC Spokesperson Ssemujju Ngada’s claims that President Museveni has a big ego after he revealed a busy schedule might not allow him to attend the presidential debate. Sebalu claims Besigye’s ego was publicly revealed when he went against the principles and president of FDC party, and stood for the presidency even after he had retired.

Mike Sebalu - "If there someone with an ego, it's Kiiza Besigye. If he makes it to state house, I do not know how it will be."

The two were today morning discussing withdrawal of Museveni and Besigye from the January 16th presidential debate, with the former claiming he is busy, while the latter says he can only debate the President and nobody else.

Nganda on the other hand says if H.E Museveni does not participate, there will be no debate, as it is meant to discuss the 30 years governance of President Museveni and NRM. Nganda says; "It is H.E Yoweri K Museveni who fixed the date for the debate. It was not a do-or-die debate; we were to shake hands at the end."

He adds; “We do not want to debate ourselves - it's President YK Museveni that we must be debating. There will be no debate if HE YK Museveni is not present. The debate was to focus on his 30 years in power." "This debate was started by him, he said he carries his mobile mouth; I do not know now whether it is immobile."