Street vendors in Kampala ordered to move to markets before January 16th 

Posted: 2022-01-12T13:10:27Z
Street vendors in Kampala ordered to move to markets before January 16th 

All vendors who are still operating on the streets of Kampala must leave within the streets five days from today, the Resident City Commissioner Hudu Hussein has said. 

According to the RCC, they had set 10th January as the deadline for these vendors to leave the streets and start operating from designated markets including Usafi and Wandegeya markets which are nearly empty, but some vendors remain adamant and have refused to move.

“Some vendors and hawkers are still selling on the streets. I am appealing to them now. Please, the concerned security agencies in Kampala have given the vendors and hawkers a grace period within which to leave the streets. Instead of 10th January, we are now saying leave by 16th. Please I appeal to you my mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters vending on streets. It is for your own good. I am pleading with you now because on 16th January, we may have a team in Kampala Streets to help you leave, it is better for you to leave unassisted. We want to believe that by Sunday, the vendors will have heeded to this call, thank you” noted Hudu.

The RCC issued a statement late last year directing all street Vendors and hawkers to vacate the streets by 10th January 2022. He noted that the simple issue of vendors being relocated from streets to the Markets has been politicized. 

Hudu adds that USAFI and Wandegeya markets are almost empty, and the amount of money government invested in building these markets is unaccountable for, because some individuals among the political showbiz masters in Kampala think nothing should be done.

He however, appreciated the vendors and hawkers that have moved to the markets so far, noting that they have done the right thing. 

“My hope is that no force at all should be used. I expect all well-meaning people of Kampala to understand that this is for the good not just of Kampala but of Uganda as well” Said the RCC. 
He says that more changes are bound to happen in the city for the good of the city and no one can stop them so long as it's in the best interests of the City.