Kyambogo University Muslim students want female Muslim police officers deployed at checkpoints 

Posted: 2021-12-02T07:21:29Z
Kyambogo University Muslim students want female Muslim police officers deployed at checkpoints 

Kyambogo University administration should deploy female Muslim security officers at checkpoints, Muslim students have demanded. 

The development follows a video which went viral on social media, showing a male police officer asking a Muslim female student to remove her veil before entering the examination room on Tuesday.

The video received mixed reactions from internet users, while AIGP Asan Kasingye the UPF political commissar condemned the act and promised to follow it up.

However, some internet users supported the officer’s actions, claiming he was doing his job of checking everyone accessing the room and that the student should not have been an exception due to the religion.

In the aftermath of the twin bombings in Kampala, universities have revamped their security by hiring more officers and ensuring all students are checked. 

This is why some users argued that anything, including notes used for copying in the examination room could be hidden in the veil.

But, Sheikh Bakhit Cucu the Education Secretary at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC says the action of the officer is a breach of the freedom of religion enshrined in the constitution of Uganda.   

He argues that to Muslims, the nakedness of a woman starts from the head up to the toe. So, unveiling her is akin to undressing her and degenerating her dignity.

A female student, Aisha Nanfuma was denied entry into the university because of declining to remove her veil on Tuesday, while another student says metal detectors were passed over her head at the university checkpoints yet those with caps and scarfs, are never treated the same way.

Professor Eli Katunguka the University Vice-Chancellor issued a statement condemning the incident and promised to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

However, Bashir Lule the Chairperson of Kyambogo University Muslim Student’s Association says there is a need for the administration to take practical steps such as deploying female Muslim security officers to address the recent crisis beyond issuing an apology. 

He says their complaints have been ignored for long and it is time to take action.