Ten Rustlers killed as two UPDF soldiers are injured in Kaabong

Posted: 2021-10-20T14:15:34Z
Ten Rustlers killed as two UPDF soldiers are injured in Kaabong

Two UPDF officers were injured and ten Karimojong cattle rustlers put out of action have been confirmed killed and two UPDF soldiers are critically injured during a clash at Kalapata sub county in Kaabong district on Tuesday night, the deadliest clash in the region in recent weeks.

According to Jino Meri the Kaabong district chairperson, nine rustlers were killed at a protected Kraal in Kalapata sub county while another one was killed on the way as they were driving animals, bringing the total to ten killed.

He added that the rustlers who were many, managed to drive away over 700 head of cattle.

Meri says that the army used the helicopters to carry the soldiers but failed to land down with the soldiers due to mountainous terrain since the rustlers had crossed with cows to the side and escaped to Kenya.

The injured soldiers are currently getting treatment at Kaabong district hospital.

Former member of parliament for Dodoth East Samson Lokeris, says that much as government is carrying out disarmament exercise in Karamoja, there's a need to do a restructuring of commanders on the ground,  saying they have failed to be effective.

However, Capt Chris Mike Okiria the resident district commissioner Kaabong  and head of district security committee says the army has already surrounded the hills where the rustlers are hiding animals.