Uganda loses BMK, the man that introduced Boda boda business in Kampala

Posted: 2021-09-10T11:55:38Z
Uganda loses BMK, the man that introduced Boda boda business in Kampala

The business community and country at large is mourning the loss of businessman Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige alias BMK, which occurred in Nairobi Kenya.

The 68 year old BMK succumbed to cancer of the prostate first diagnosed in 2015.

In March this year, BMK published his memoir titled ‘My Story of Building a Fortune in Africa’ and was thankful to God for having given him the opportunity to live for another five years defying the prediction of the doctors who had given him less than a year to live.

BMK is also remembered as a person who introduced motorbikes in the late 1990 by offering them on credit to Kampala's riders. Previously for a quarter of a century, boda boda had mostly operated as manual bicycles at the Kenya Uganda border and in eastern towns up to Jinja.

He joined business soon after completing Primary Seven and came to Kampala at a tender age after escaping from his dad who wanted him to continue with school.

A friend to President Yoweri Museveni, BMK asked the President to tell KCC then to sell him some land for expansion, a directive that was given and saw him pay for the land that is now the home of Africana hotel.

After being diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, BMK wrote his autobiography, a valuable instruction manual in building a business, especially mobilizing capital, which most people regard as the biggest obstacle to starting off.

He spent the last year of his life in Nairobi where he was receiving critical medical care.

BMK is survived by two widows; Sophia and Hawa Muwanga and 17 children.