Lwengo missing girls found in Kinoni, Masaka towns searching for jobs

Posted: 2021-08-03T08:29:34Z
Lwengo missing girls found in Kinoni, Masaka towns searching for jobs

Families of four young girls who went missing from Nakawanga A and Nakawanga B villages in Kikenene parish in Kissekka sub-county in Lwengo district on Wednesday last week are jubilating after they were found safe and sound.

The children, 10, 12 and 13 had escaped from home to go look for jobs as maids in Masaka and Kinoni. However, this triggered panic in the village as their families thought they had been kidnapped. 

police immediately started searching for the girls and two of them -Titi Lunkuse,10, and Amina Nakavuma,12, were found stranded in Kinoni town in Lwengo on Friday while Patience Nambarire13, and Rita Namboggo13, were found stranded in Nyendo town in Masaka City on Sunday.  

According to Muhammad Nsubuga the Masaka Regional Police spokesperson, they returned the girls to their homes after recording their statements, and that the matter is not being treated as a case of child trafficking since the girls had been planning for some time to leave their homes and work as maids or shop attendants in Kinoni and Masaka city.

Nsubuga appealed to parents to be vigilant and watch over their children and under the character of their friends. 

Nambalire’s mother, one Perusi Nakayenga says she is happy her daughter was found and returned home.  She says that they are still wondering why Nambalire chose to disappear from home yet they were on good terms.    

Ronald Ssensaalu, also says his daughter Nambogo is naughty and could have been the mastermind of the disappearance plan.