Four arrested over double murders of reserve force officers in Lwengo

Posted: 2021-07-23T10:30:55Z
Four arrested over double murders of reserve force officers in Lwengo

Four people have been arrested by police in Lwengo district on allegations of taking part in the murder of two reserve force officers on Wednesday and terrorizing residents in other parts of the district. 

The deceased are John Kabanda, 60, a resident of Bigando village and Vincent Kalya, 40, of Nzizi village, in Kkingo sub-county, who were waylaid and killed by assailants on Wednesday night between 8pm and 9pm at Ttagga village while the victims were on foot patrol. 

Police say the killers used blunt objects to hit them on the head and strangled them after, before hiding their bodies in a bush near the coffee plantation belonging to one Zaidi Kaasa, the Ttagga LCI chairperson, where they were found.  

During a joint search launched by police and residents, they managed to arrest four people in possession of reserve force uniform and other objects which were registered as exhibits. 

Peter Akampurira, the District Police Commander -DPC says the arrest follows public outcry over the persistent attack on residents, most of whom have been robbed and wounded in the gruesome attacks that have rocked Lwengo since June.

He added that the death of Kabanda and Kalya is connected to the operations of the racket of criminals whose four members were arrested. 

Police are still looking for other members of the criminal gang.