UPDF hunt for fishermen who strangled soldier to death

Posted: 2021-07-19T10:27:46Z
UPDF hunt for fishermen who strangled soldier to death

The military are searching for fishermen who killed a UPDF soldier from the Fisheries Protection Unit.

The body of the soldier was discovered strangled in Kyanjazi near Busia.

While addressing the media in Kampala this morning, Brig. Gen. Flavia Byekwaso the UPDF spokesperson said that on 14th July 2021, two soldiers were conducting routine patrol on L.Victoria and saw two boats that were suspected to be involved in illegal fishing.

The soldiers apprehended occupants of the boats. However, in the process of bringing the occupants into the marine boats, one of the suspects dived into the water, forcing one of the soldiers to follow suit in order to rescue him.

In the process, the other suspects took advantage and sped off with the second soldier on the boat to unknown destination. Rescue operations were launched and efforts to find him were futile on that day. 

His body was discovered the following day, on July 15th with strangulation marks.

Byekwaso identifies the suspects as Byakutaaga Augustine and Ruhinda Charles who are still on the run. However, one other suspect whose name has been withheld, is in custody.
Efforts are now underway, to bring Byakutaaga and Ruhinda to book. Byekwaso noted that such incidents will not stop soldiers from doing their work. 

“This is not the first incident where soldiers’ lives have been at risk or attacked. This gives us energy to triple our efforts on these illegal fishermen. This will not stop the soldiers. Because they do this to make soldiers avoid the waters” she said.

She added that UPDF will put a bounty to ensure the duo is arrested to face the wrath of the law.