At least 60 Motorcycles impounded in Bududa for flouting curfew guidelines

Posted: 2021-07-01T09:14:57Z
At least 60 Motorcycles impounded in Bududa for flouting curfew guidelines

Police in Bududa district have impounded over 60 motorcycles in the first two weeks of the second lock down. 

The bikes belong mostly to Boda boda cyclists were impounded after the owners flouted the guidelines set by the president in his address to the nation about the Covid-19 on 18th June. 

According to the Presidential guidelines, motorcycles must stop moving at 5pm and currying only luggage instead of passengers, as a way of curbing the spread of Covid-19 virus which some of the cyclists defied. 

Ag. DPC Bududa Gerald Mugisha says they are still impounding those motorcycles that have continued to flout the guidelines set by the president adding that they are using the fines schedule for the traffic and road safety act since the ministry of finance has not yet released and sent them the current fines that were promised by the president.

He warned cyclists who are working under disguise by carrying passengers who then claim that they are sick when they are not saying the motorcycles found doing that shall also be impounded and slapped with a fine. 

The DPC however said they don’t charge those found in public without wearing a mask but they are currently arresting and charging them with disobedience of lawful orders and court is the one which deals with them.

He also warned those throwing stones at police during their operations in the trading Centres of Bunamubi in Bukigai Sub County and Kikholo in kikholo town council saying they will not spare them either. 

He said they will also use reasonable force to restrain those he called hooligans.