Vaccination certificates used as gate passes at Naguru Police Headquarters

Posted: 2021-06-25T06:34:01Z
Vaccination certificates used as gate passes at Naguru Police Headquarters

The Inspector General of Police Martin Ochola has issued a directive indicating that only persons who are vaccinated against COVID-19 shall be allowed access to Naguru police headquarters.

Currently, counter-terrorism teams guarding the entrance are restricting people without proof of vaccination from going beyond the gate. Also, staff at the police headquarters said a directive has been issued by the IGP that a COVID-19 vaccination card must be the gate pass for both civilians and police personnel.

Dr Moses Byaruhanga who heads the Police health services directorate on March 24, launched a vaccination drive of its personnel purposely targeting all those aged 50 years and above as well personnel with pre-existing conditions.

However, while IGP Ochola and his deputy Maj Gen Paul Lokech got vaccinated, several police officers particularly those in Kampala metropolitan dodged the exercise. KMP which is expected to have over 130,000 police officers only vaccinated 7,833.

Dr Byaruhanga says that a total of 2,655 police officers have been vaccinated across the country, yet Ministry of health gave 20,000 AstraZeneca doses to the police force but others were vaccinated under local government arrangements.

Police figures of vaccinated officers in KMP indicate more than 5,000 dodged being vaccinated which was being conducted at CID headquarters at Kibuli. Close to 20,000 policemen and women were not vaccinated since the doses were not enough by May.