Police warns Ambulance Drivers against carrying passengers 

Posted: 2021-06-07T14:18:08Z
Police warns Ambulance Drivers against carrying passengers 

Members of the public have been reminded that today marks day one of the 42 days’ partial lockdown and the joint security team will enforce all guidelines set by President Yoweri Museveni in collaboration with the Health Ministry.

While addressing the weekly press conference at Naguru police headquarters on Monday, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said they are looking out for people holding house parties, political gatherings among others.

He says they have welcomed the new measures announced by the president, and that they will deal with the small percentage of reckless Ugandans who are not doing their part in observing the health SOPs.

Enanga added that as they await more information from the Secretary to treasury who was directed by the president to issue a fine structure, so as to ensure the offenders pay a given amount of money.

“All territorial commanders have been tasked to map out all businesses, schools, non-agricultural activities, worship centres, public and private transport routes and also monitor social events and all activities during this period” Enanga said. 

Enanga warned Ambulance drivers against abusing the authority given to them by transporting passengers & goods inside the ambulances. He sounded the same warning to security drivers, noting that they will tackle all that.

Salons, garages, shops, supermarkets, taxi parks among others must ensure the SOPs are followed to the latter. Police will also ensure that open and weekly markets do not operate, since they have also been suspended by the president.

“We are aware of businesses like salons, shopping malls and arcades which were given a closing time of 7:00pm. So, by 7:00pm, these ones should have closed their businesses” He warned.

Enanga added that district Task forces have been tasked with ensuring that schools are closed for the next 42 days as directed by Mr. Museveni on Sunday. He warned that they will not all Head teachers who will not adhere to the Presidential guidelines and as soon as they receive the fine structure from Ministry of Finance, they will start with them.