Police Commanders face arrest for not enforcing COVID-19 Guidelines

Posted: 2021-05-28T14:36:48Z
Police Commanders face arrest for not enforcing COVID-19 Guidelines

The Director of Operations Services at Uganda Police Force, Edward Osiru Ochom, has Friday ordered the arrest of all commanders who are not enforcing the Covid-19 guidelines.

According to Ochom, he has instructed the commander Alert Squad Unit to make impromptu visits to areas under the command of particular officers and apprehend whoever will be found not enforcing the Standard Operating Procedures - SOPs.  

The directive was announced during a meeting that was held at police headquarters where it was resolved that to curtail the spread of Covid-19, commanders need to be strict on ensuring Covid19 directives are implemented.

The directive comes at the time when the force is mourning the death of Kira Road police commander, Matthias Turyasingura, who succumbed to Covid19 on Tuesday night.  

Turyasingura was buried on Thursday in Kigezi sub-region. He reportedly contracted Covid-19 during the swearing of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and later check himself to Mulago hospital with breathing difficulties until he was pronounced dead. He had been vaccinated against Covid-19 a month back.

Now, Ochom says wireless transmissions have been sent to commanders at all levels to ensure Covid-19 orders are implemented without fail. Police have been directed to ensure no Boda-bodas and vehicles are on roads after 6 pm and 9 pm respectively. 
Also, pedestrians, riders, drivers and passengers not wearing masks according to the new orders must be stopped from proceeding with their journeys.

"Discipline is important if we're to fight Covid-19. Everybody must respect Covid-19 guidelines. If people are found not respecting these guidelines, the commanders will be answerable. No excuse must be given. If it is curfew time, arrest all the cars and drivers, park them in the nearby playground," Ochom said.