Health Ministry warns that second COVID-19 wave is affecting younger people

Posted: 2021-05-27T13:08:56Z
Health Ministry warns that second COVID-19 wave is affecting younger people

Ministry of Health officials have warned that majority of the patients suffering from the COVID-19 second wave are aged 20-39 years of age. 

The officials revealed that the age group is contributing over 50 per cent of the cases and deaths that are being reported at the moment.

According to Dr Henry Mwebesa, the Director-General of Health Services, in the current wave, younger patients are reporting the most cases of severe and critical forms of the diseases unlike in the first wave where older persons were more at risk.

Adding that the rate at which the disease is being transmitted is high.

According to records from Mulago National Referral Hospital as of May 22, there were 34 critically ill patients admitted to ICU. The youngest patient admitted was a 10-day old baby who most likely picked the disease from its mother. Nine patients aged 10-30 years are admitted.

According to the scientists, during this wave, the rate at which symptoms set in is faster than in the first wave.

The head of the ministerial COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Committee, Dr Misaki Wayengera, says patients might not present with cough and flu-like symptoms. 

The health ministry says it took the country more than four months to report 1,600 cases a week that were reported last week. Mwebesa attributes the increase in cases to a high level of complacency. He says people have stopped adhering to the public health measures such as wearing masks and avoiding crowds.