Police Officers in Kampala areas dodge COVID-19 Vaccination exercise

Posted: 2021-05-18T13:43:24Z
Police Officers in Kampala areas dodge COVID-19 Vaccination exercise

At least 5,000 police officers in the Kampala Metropolitan area have dodged the covid-19 vaccination, according to information from the Force’s health department.

Police launched the Covid-19 vaccination of its personnel at an event that was presided over by Chief of Joint Security –CJS Maj Gen Jack Bakasumba at Naguru police headquarters in March, after the Ministry of Health handed over 20,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to the police leadership. 

However, priority was given to policemen and women with underlying chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, pressure or HIV, but all personnel in Kampala were urged to turn for vaccination since the Capital City and its neighbouring districts of Wakiso and Mukono have been the epi-centre of Covid19 cases.

With over 13,000 police officers estimated to be living in Kampala metropolitan, Dr Moses Byaruhanga the Director of Police Health Services, says only 7,833 police officers have turned up for the exercise.

“We started with KMP because it is a densely populated area. Most of the trucks going upcountry pass through KMMP. The risk is higher. We also chose KMP because we were beginning the exercise and would be easier for us to report to the ministry in case there were any side effects. But as of now, we have vaccinated 7,833 personnel. Of these, 200 were vaccinated by local governments,” Dr Byaruhanga said.

He noted that several police officers have been sceptical about getting the Covid-19 jab, while others were perhaps deployed at places that were far away from the vaccination centre which was established at Criminal Investigations Directorate –CID headquarters at Kibuli.

Dr Byaruhanga adds that the vaccination centre at Kibuli will remain open, in case any officer feels like getting the jab. The police six teams comprised of six health workers per group have already traversed all stations and division at border points and they are currently concluding with Kabalye Police Training School, in Masindi district.