Here is how you can get “Free” Goodies with the MTN Senkyu Loyalty Program

Posted: 2021-05-04T20:53:56Z Read: 248 times
Here is how you can get “Free” Goodies with the  MTN Senkyu Loyalty Program

At the end of last year, MTN Uganda rebranded and re-launched its Loyalty Program under the name, MTN Senkyu with the core objective of appreciating and giving back redeemable points to its customers for their loyalty and use of MTN services. MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer, SOMDEV SEN tells you all you need to know about MTN Senkyu.

In your words, what is MTN Senkyu?

Like the name suggests, MTN Senkyu is simply a way of us as MTN Uganda saying Thank you to our customers in the native accent. (Many indigenous Ugandans often pronounce Thank you as “Senkyu”).

How exactly does this program work?

So under this program, MTN customers receive redeemable points known as Senkyu points each time they use any service from the MTN Network. I’m talking about services such as buying airtime, voice or data bundles and mobile money, among others. Customers also earn points on their birthdays and on the anniversary when they joined the MTN network.

But MTN had a Loyalty Program before. Why did you need Senkyu?

Yes that is true. So basically, we rebranded our pre-existing loyalty program and made it even better by designing it with more points that come with more value for the customers as compared to the old Loyalty Program. Additionally, the new MTN Senkyu program gives the customers a chance to choose what they would want to use their points for.

How do I activate MTN Senkyu?

To activate MTN Senkyu, dial *141# and select Join. You can also activate using the MyMTN App. MTN Senkyu is absolutely free. Through Senkyu, MTN is simply saying thank you to all its loyal customers for their support. Any MTN customer can sign up for the service from anywhere at any time. Just dial *141# and select Join or use the MyMTN App.

How do I get MTN Senkyu points?

Simply Load airtime and bundles, Make calls or send SMS, Pay subscription for MTN Services, Make deposits or withdrawals, send money or make bill payments with MTN MoMo.

The more MTN services you use the more Senkyu points you get. And also remember, you get bonus points when you join MTN Senkyu for the first time, on your anniversary of joining MTN and on your birthday.


Interesting. So what can I use my MTN Senkyu points for?

MTN customers can use their Senkyu points to get free voice minutes, MBs and SMS. You can also use your points to make payments using MTN MoMoPay at any merchant point

To get minutes, MBs and SMS, you simply dial *141# and select Use points, proceed to choose the reward you want and enjoy your senkyu reward. Alternatively, to pay for goods or services, you simply dial *165*3# enter the merchant code, enter the amount you wish to pay and select the option to pay using Senkyu Points. You can use your MTN Senkyu points at any time provided you have sufficient points.

You can have as many MTN Senkyu points as you want. Use your points regularly otherwise points expire if unused for 90 days.

How do I check if I have enough MTN Senkyu points?

To check how many points, you dial *141# and select Check Points. You can also share your MTN Senkyu points with a friend or loved ones for free. You can have as many MTN Senkyu points as you want. However, MTN Senkyu points are valid for 3 months and will expire if unused for that period

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