MTN Pulse Nation Interview

Posted: 2021-03-29T20:49:23Z
MTN Pulse Nation Interview

MTN Uganda recently refreshed its youth brand with a new campaign called MTN Pulse Nation. The New campaign is intended to further reinforce the brand’s promise towards celebrating the power and potential of the youth. MTN Uganda Youth Segment Manager, Hellen Karungi explained what MTN Pulse is and what the new campaign is all about.


Q. Tell us about MTN Pulse?

A. MTN Pulse has been here since 2018. It is the coolest lifestyle for the youth in Uganda and since its inception, MTN Pulse has grown by leaps and bounds. Until now, MTN Pulse mainly them access to the coolest discounts from MTN Uganda products & services as well as the best deals from MTN Pulse partners. But now we have revamped MTN Pulse to create an even richer basket of benefits for a bigger community, introduced new opportunities and brought new cool offers. We are introducing the MTN Pulse Nation.


Q. What is it Pulse Nation?

A. Pulse Nation is not a physical location or country or product. Pulse Nation is a lifestyle or an attitude that is embraced by those who choose to rise and run over fear. We have revamped MTN Pulse platform to give youth more cooler and sizzling offers and vibes to suit their ever-changing needs because we know the needs of the youth are dynamic and therefore MTN Pulse Nation is here to address that. These guys are ambitious and need to fulfill their dreams so as MTN, we want to empower them to get there hence the platform we call the MTN Pulse Nation.


In the Pulse Nation, Pulsers will continue to enjoy those big discounts on MTN products & services and in addition, we have created new features that are more in sync with their lifestyle. MTN Pulse Nation now comes with entrepreneurial opportunities as well as personal development opportunities through training programs and career opportunities which we believe our youth need in order to get ahead of life.


Q. So as a citizen of the MTN Pulse Nation, What’s in it for me?

A. The benefits are plenty, and they come in different forms. For example,

  • Pulsers get to enjoy the best discounts in terms of bundles. It gets better as we will also be enabling Pulsers to create, or tailor make bundles to suit their usage habits.
  • MTN Pulse also has a lot of partnerships with various merchants in town including Great Burgers, Jumia, Twambale, Rolex chic among many others.
  • We also know that Pulsers are not just about the party. They have real hassles and therefore youth in the pulse nation will have access to training opportunities, career guidance, platforms to showcase their hassles. With this community, they can now show off what they can do to a wider audience within the Nation.
  • On top of that, they have access to the coolest music, videos, games, they can create and share videos, get the latest updates on parties as they also get to be inspired by what other young people are doing.


So, the Pulse Nation is just the place to be as a youth in Uganda.


Q. How do I become a part of the Pulse Nation?

A. We have made it even simpler for the youth to become part of the Pulse Nation.  We have a created the Pulse App; an interactive platform where everything about the Pulse Nation lives including the funkiest content and offers from MTN Uganda. This app is now available on Google playstore. Simply download the MTN Pulse app and take over the world. You can also learn more about the Pulse Nation on the MTN Pulse microsite.