DRC Militiamen hit L. Albert again, rob fishermen at gunpoint

Posted: 2021-03-22T07:26:37Z
DRC Militiamen hit L. Albert again, rob fishermen at gunpoint

Fishermen on Lake Albert are in fear after Congolese Militiamen raided the waters in Hoima district and made away with 19 boat Engines, days after abducting their colleagues. 

According to Julius Hakiza the Albertine Region Police Spokesperson, the attack happened at around 3 am on Sunday morning near Kaiso Landing Site in Kabaale Sub-county, Hoima district.  

Fishermen allege that the armed militiamen dressed in DRC Military Uniform raided the lake, placed several fishermen at gunpoint, and ordered them to surrender the boat engines to them.  

Hakiza noted that although security teams were notified by the affected fishermen, it was rather too late for them to pursue the suspected militiamen because they had already fled and crossed to DRC. 
He however was quick to add that the Ugandan authorities are already engaging counterparts in Congo to solve the recurring problem.

according to Fred Mujuni the Chairperson of the Kaiso Landing Site fishing community, they are currently overwhelmed by the increasing attacks by suspected Congolese militiamen yet the government is not despite several pleas to have them assisted.  

On March 14, 2021, a group of armed militiamen crossed from Congo and abducted 16 Ugandan fishermen while fishing s on the Lake Albert near Kaiso Landing Site in Hoima district. 

They also robbed four fishing boats, four boat engines and several sets of fishing nets before crossing back to DRC with the loot.  The fishermen were detained at Tchomia landing site in Ituri province in the Eastern part of DRC, before being released on Saturday after paying $50 each.