Kyagulanyi warns Supreme Court against frustrating their evidence

Posted: 2021-02-16T20:35:13Z
Kyagulanyi warns Supreme Court against frustrating their evidence

The National Unity Platform Party President Robert Kyagulanyi has threatened to withdraw his presidential petition from the Supreme Court if they do not stop frustrating him.

While addressing the media at the party head offices in Kamwokya on Tuesday morning, Kyagulanyi said his team has been frustrated by the Judges who have blocked them from presenting evidence to support their case.

The party offices have been under security siege for over two weeks until yesterday Monday. The party’s legal team ran to the High Court seeking an order to force security to vacate their offices, but to date, they have not received any response.

Kyagulanyi says they went to the Supreme Court with enough evidence to cause an annulment but all they have received from the fathers of Justice is frustration.

He says the first indicator that Justice was not going to be served, was when they were denied a chance to file their petition on a Saturday, yet the NRM lawyers were allowed to fine their defence on a weekend.

Kyagulanyi further told the media that they were considering withdrawing the petition if three Justices of the Supreme Court, who have ties with the President do not recuse themselves from the bench.

The trio includes; Chief Justice Owiny Dollo who was on the President’s team of lawyers during the 2001 presidential petition and continues to be close to the defendant. “We know that the Chief Justice Owiny Dollow was Museveni’s defence lawyer in the 2001 presidential election petition. We know that he is a former Minister in the NRM government. But most recently, all of us saw the Chief justice hosting the defendant and making statements, he went ahead and told the defendant that he had actually expected him to do some things in the Capacity of President of Uganda in a space of a year from when they met. This is a chief Justice that has a presidential petition on his table” Kyagulanyi said.
The NUP President also wants Mike Chibita Ezekiel Muhanguzi off the bench for also having close ties to the President. 

He added that if what is happening with their case today persists, they will withdraw the petition and take everything to the Court of public opinion.