Police arrests Woman who strangled Mother & stole a baby 

Posted: 2021-01-22T12:05:18Z
Police arrests Woman who strangled Mother & stole a baby 

The Police in archipelago Kalangala district have arrested a woman who stole a child and attempted to sacrifice her in a ritual murder.

The suspect is Anita Nakanyike aged 37. She allegedly kidnapped the baby from Wakiso Village Nama Sub County in Mukono District after strangling its mother who has been identified as Caroline Nakiguli.

Kanyike murdered Nakiguli in Mukono, before hiring a bodaboda that took her to Entebbe from where she sailed to Mazinga Islands.

Anita's lover only identified as Ssentongo has allegedly been demanding for a baby from her and in a phone call he agreed to send transport to Anita to bring the baby. 

In Entebbe, Nakanyike boarded a special fish container boat from Greenfield to Mityana in Mazinga where she was later arrested at 3pm on Thursday. 

Police arrested her at Mityana Landing Site, Mazinga Sub County of Kalangala District when she was caught red handed feeding the baby milk in a mineral water bottle.

Kakuuta Rodger the OC Mazinga Police post says Anita and Ssentongo had a hidden mission of sacrificing the baby. 

Residents on Thursday stormed Police seeking to lynch her but police saved the suspect and later transported her and child to Kalangala Central Police Station.

Ssentongo and Nakanyike will be taken to Mukono on the mainland where the cruel murder and the kidnap were committed.