We have enough space in Prisons for all wrong doers- Baine

Posted: 2021-01-12T13:39:21Z
We have enough space in Prisons for all wrong doers- Baine

Ugandans have been urged to stay out of trouble and disregard all messages inciting violence from all sources that wish to put the country into a panic mode.

The call was made by Frank Baine the spokesperson Uganda Prisons Service while addressing the media at a joint security meeting in Naguru on Tuesday morning.

According to Baine, some unscrupulous individuals hacked unto the Commissioner General Byabashaijs’s Twitter handle on Monday and announced a certain prisoner dead.

“Yesterday there was an individual who hacked into the twitter handle of the Commissioner General and started announcing a certain prisoner who died in Kitalya by the names of Sserunkuma which was very false. It’s not the Commissioner General to announce the death of a prisoner but for the public’s information, that prisoner is in our custody and safe, not even sick, but he is just healthy and safe” Baine explained. 

Baine noted that such fabrications are intended to incite violence and should be condemned by all.

Meanwhile, the Uganda Prisons Service has explained that whereas court had ordered that prisoners participate in Thursday’s election, this will not happen, according to the Electoral Commission roadmap.

Baine noted that the rumor that prisoners have already voted is false and should not be given an ear at all. “Let no body deceive Ugandans and the world that prisoners are participating in this election. That is not true” Baine revealed.

He also warned the public that during the election period, UPS will join other security agencies in maintaining peace and stability in the country to ensure that voting days remain normal.

“Staff are directed to maintain the stand by class one as issued by the Commissioner General Prisons. This is a very serious warning to all those intending to involve themselves in acts that violate our laws, the Uganda Prisons Service has space to keep them” Baine warned.

Currently, UPS has a total of 62,164 prisoners with 32,248 convicts, 29,910 on remand, 6 on civil cases.