Uganda Breweries Limited Marks 75 Years of Existence

Posted: 2021-01-10T19:47:43Z
Uganda Breweries Limited Marks 75 Years of Existence

Uganda Breweries Limited will commemorate 75 years of existence with a special anniversary celebration to last 7 months. Held under the theme “Brewed by Uganda”, the celebrations will highlight the past, present and future of the brewery establishing its mark as a leading manufacturer. The celebrations will lead up to the company’s 75th anniversary on July 27th 2021.

Registered in 1946, Uganda Breweries Limited has become one of the greatest truly Ugandan iconic brands dedicated to celebrating and transforming lives in Uganda, East Africa and internationally.

“Uganda Breweries Limited is standing on the shoulders of strong giants, both people and brands, who we need to honor and celebrate for they gave us a strong foundation. We appreciate the support and commitment of our different stakeholders including consumers, distributors, farmers, suppliers, service providers, communities and government, who have walked with us on this journey for more than seven decades, and we are honored to continue being of service in the coming years.” Commented Alvin Mbugua, the Uganda Breweries Managing Director.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, Uganda Breweries Limited has kicked off a [email protected] media competition, aimed at rewarding journalists with iconic memories or experiences of UBL or any of it brands, with cash prizes totaling up to UGX 7.5M.

“Media has been instrumental on the success of this 75-year journey. This competition is meant to appreciate and reward journalists for walking the journey with us as we recreate old memories that we have shared together. To participate, journalists have to submit iconic footage from past UBL events held in the 70s, 80s, 90s or early 2000s, or share a story with pictures of their most memorable experience of UBL or any of the UBL Brands to stand a chance of winning.” Said Juliana Kagwa, UBL Corporate Relations Director.

UBL’s product portfolio has grown over the years from one brand – Bell brand in 1950, to becoming the biggest alcoholic beverages company with the richest brand portfolio consisting of 10 beer brands, 42 spirit brands, 3 ready to drink brands and 1 non- alcoholic beverage. 

“You don’t thrive in business for 75 years by becoming antiquated and old, but quite the opposite – by staying on the forefront of innovation, and always seeing the next big thing in service, process or operations before it becomes a trend, as Uganda Breweries Limited has always tried to do.” Mbugua noted.

The “Brewed by Uganda” celebration will also feature a multi-dimensional expedition dubbed, “The Coaster Sound System” bringing together the old-hands and the young progressives to brew a new sound of celebration, all while telling the beautiful story of the UBL journey and the community UBL has brought together.

The webisodes of the coaster Sound System will be aired bi-weekly online via XXXXXXXXXXXX and on TV.

About the [email protected] Media Competition

The [email protected] competition is open to all members of the press from Television, Print, Radio and Online newswires.

To participate, journalists are required to:

1.            Tell a story in 500 – 700 words of your most memorable experience of Uganda Breweries Limited or any of the UBL Brands. Articles submitted with images stand a higher chance of winning, OR

2.            Share iconic footage from past UBL events held in the 70s, 80s, 90s or early 2000s. The footage should be put together in a 3-5 minutes video to stand a chance to win.

Entries close at midnight on 18th January 2021 and should be submitted via email to [email protected] Entries are limited to one entry per person and must be accompanied by a completed submission form available on the UBL website –  Terms and conditions apply. 

Prize Awards:

1.            Best video clip: UGX 2 Million

2.            Best article and picture: UGX 2 Million

3.            Most unique submission: UGX 1.5 Million

4.            First Runner Up: UGX 1 Million

5.            Second Runner Up: UGX 1 Million