My children’s lives were in danger- Kyagulanyi 

Posted: 2021-01-07T08:55:47Z
My children’s lives were in danger- Kyagulanyi 

The National Unity Platform, NUP Presidential Candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has lashed at members of the ruling NRM party and their supporters who are questioning the travel of his children out of the country.

Pictures of Kyagulanyi’s children at the airport started making rounds on Wednesday evening, with their documents indicating they were traveling to Texas, Houston in the US. 

Many people took to social media to insinuate that he is keeping his family safe while other people’s children are dying on the streets in the name of showing him support.
However, the NUP party President noted that these statements are not born out of genuineness, but out of their usual schemes to diminish his resolve to remove their corrupt regime. 

“Firstly, the nation is aware of the challenges my family has endured from the time I decided to take on the dictatorship of Gen. Yoweri Museveni. My children have lived in constant fear over the past three years. On several occasions, the cars which trail us have been trailing them, even to and from school. Last year, there was a direct attack on a car transporting two of them from school, forcing us to change their schools, and try to strengthen security around them” Kyagulanyi explained. 

He added that for most of this year, his children have largely lived as prisoners; very rarely leaving home and that as the country nears the election, he received credible information from sources within the system of plans by the regime to cause physical harm to them! 

“You all recall that in 2017, at the height of the Age Limit debate, they threw grenades at my son, Solomon Sekayi's bed room window, and left a message that I should back off, or the consequences would be dire. The regime has made it a deliberate plot to attack me, and when they don't, attack those who are close to me so as to demoralise me! There is nothing Museveni is not ready to do in order to stay in power against the will of Ugandans!” Kyagulanyi.

According to the candidate, that is why when he received information of pending physical attacks on him, his wife and kidnap of our children, friends in the Diaspora reached out to them, offered to host them for a while! He explained that their children’s leaving does not mean he and his wife are any safer by remaining around. 

“But our effort is to ensure they don't kidnap one of these minors and try to use them to coerce us into subjugation! The regime propagandists should be very ashamed. In a free and democratic country, nobody should live in fear simply because they oppose the government in power. In a free country, a presidential candidate would never have to wear a bullet-proof jacket and helmet in order to go for campaigns! That is the country we are struggling to build. Gen. Museveni should even be more ashamed that 35 years later, children have to yet again run away from their country over fears of vengeful attacks!” Kyagulanyi added.

He also called out the immigration staff for being unprofessional and releasing confidential travel information of his children who are minors and shouldn’t be dragged into such political propaganda.