Gen. Muntu meets ANT candidates in Tooro & Rwenzori Regions 

Posted: 2020-12-31T13:53:34Z
Gen. Muntu meets ANT candidates in Tooro & Rwenzori Regions 

The Alliance for National Transformation, ANT party leadership has Thursday held a meeting at their Tooro Head Office with party candidates in the Tooro and Rwenzori regions. 

The Party Presidential candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu addressed the group and had a chance to listen to some of the challenges they are facing, including being threatened, bribed to join NRM, having their posters removed, having their campaigns blocked, lack of funds for campaign drives or media engagements, and even being denied access to media outlets like he was denied last night in Kamwenge, even when funds are available.

“I thank our candidates not only in the Rwenzori and Tooro regions who we met today, but all the ANT candidates country wide, for offering yourselves. ANT is a young party, and it is good that you have started on a journey towards an end state that you want to see happen in this country. We are a value-based party, and we are glad that the message is sinking, the population recognizes that there needs to be a shift in the politics of the country, that values should become the center of politics. Without values at the center, we can have even 10 changes in government, but things will remain the way they are. Different faces, same culture” Gen. Muntu said.

He noted that they understand the challenges the candidates are facing, and that they are also going through it, reminding them that there is nothing good under the sun that can ever be achieved without going through tough struggles.

“Looking at the bright side, you should thank God you’re going through these tests because they are going to prove to you who you are. When you go through it, you’re going to find yourself a better person than who you are now. You get stronger every time you go through challenges and win” he added.

He urged them to accept and go through a furnace as the shiny gold they see on the lady’s jewelry is purified, because when it’s picked out of the ground, it is impure, it’s only after 1000 degrees that people look at it and like it, but many people don’t look at the process.

“I don’t want to go around in circles, you will be tested, even to the limit! But you must keep standing, and we must keep our eyes on the end goal that we are working towards. We press on for change that will put the #PeopleFirst. Your country will be better off because of your sacrifice” Muntu noted.