We have enough money to provide better services - Kyagulanyi

Posted: 2020-12-18T10:10:09Z Read: 1,308 times
We have enough money to provide better services - Kyagulanyi

National Unity Platform Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has promised that his government will fight Corruption and save tax payers’ money for better use. 

Kyagulanyi said this morning, that when his campaign team pledges better services like health an education, some people ask and wonder where money to do all this will come from. 

He said money will be save from corruption to develop the country.

“When we pledge better services, e.g. health & educ, some people ask where the money will come from. Truth, money is available, only misused or stolen! e.g. Auditor General's reports show each year since FY 2015/16, we lose average of shs24,909,253,883 in wasteful expenditure” Kyagulanyi said.

He added that this is 15 times the amount needed to supply all girls in public schools from upper primary to tertiary with sanitary towels for 1 year so they don't miss school! (Wasteful expenditure is when gov't pays penalties or court awards for incompetence, hence less money for services).

Kyagulanyi further noted that eliminating corruption, (not in word but action), increasing efficiency in public administration as well as fostering discipline in the management of public resources would go a long way to improve the wellbeing of Ugandans.

On Thursday, Kyagulanyi promised that his government would reduce power tariffs and ensure that power outages are also dealt with. He noted that these are some of the main issues raised by Ugandans in all parts of the country he has visited.  

“Everywhere I've gone, Ugandans complain of a very high cost of electricity. The tariffs are so high! Many districts experience regular, extended power outages. The national access rate still stands at 28% only! NUP is committed to improving efficiency in this critical sector” he noted. 

Adding that the NUP Government will zero rate VAT on all domestic consumers and reduce VAT on commercial consumers from 18 to 10%. This will make electricity more affordable for domestic & commercial use. This will give relief to SMEs, e.g. cottage industry, the largest non-agricultural employer.“Increased demand and utilization of electricity will in turn create many job opportunities, but also increase government revenue. If this revenue isn't lost through corruption, it can turn things around.”