Bobi Wine’s Body Guard Ariho being held at SIU Kireka

Posted: 2020-12-08T09:14:43Z
Bobi Wine’s Body Guard Ariho being held at SIU Kireka

The National Unity Platform, NUP party legal team has established that Norbert Ariho a body guard to their presidential candidate Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi who was arrested last week, is being held at SIU Kireka. 

Kyagulanyi says that Ariho is being held in the same place where Hon. Zaake was detained and brutally tortured and that they hope the same thing is not done to Norbert.
According to Kyagulanyi, the bodyguard is being held alongside one other person called Ssentamu who was arrested with him.

“Already, Norbert's basic rights have been violated. He has for all these days been denied access to his lawyers and family members. We have embarked on the process of securing his release through all available legal avenues” Kyagulanyi said.

On December 4, 2020 police arrested Ariho Elba from Buhuro Manafwa, in connection with an alleged assault occasioning grievous bodily harm Vide Kayunga police station, CRB 829/2020, and related incidents of obstruction and incitement to violence during the political campaigns at Kyampisi trading centre on 01.12.2020 Vide CID headquarters, GEF 1172/2020. 
Ariho is accused of throwing a teargas canister that left a police officer ASP Kato and Kyagulanyi’s producer Dan injured.

Upon arrest, Kyagulanyi insisted his man was innocent. “Even when clear evidence came out showing that our comrade Nobert Ariho never threw the grenade that nearly killed us, as alleged by police, they have gone ahead and arrested him violently, bundled him onto a police truck and drove him to an unknown destination! The same police officer called Asiimwe, who continues to follow us and cause mayhem commandeered his arrest! Definitely they are so ashamed of themselves and simply want to prove a point! We are aware of their plan to arrest, torture and detain many more people that I work with until after elections. Too bad for them, Uganda is far ahead of them!” Kyagulanyi said. 
The party says they do not know when Ariho will be arraign before courts of law and charged.