UNEB warns Head Teachers against last minute submission of candidates’ names

Posted: 2020-11-11T09:16:48Z Read: 646 times
UNEB warns Head Teachers against last minute submission of candidates’ names

Uganda National Examinations Board, UNEB has revealed that no candidates will be allowed to register for final examinations after the November 30th 2020.

In a circular dated November 11, 2020 and addressed to all Head Teachers, Dan N Odongo the UNEB Executive Secretary warns that there will be no room for late registration and that schools are urged to ensure that they register all their candidates during this period.

He also re-echoed the call on head teachers to allow pregnant girls to register and sit their final examination.

“We continue to appeal to heads of schools that may have pregnant candidates to allow them register for the examinations, as a way of giving them an opportunity to continue with their education” Odongo said.

Odongo further informed centres that the portals are open and that UNEB has given out the required software for the registration process. Schools are also encouraged to keep uploading the bio-data of the registered candidates as they get it and not to wait for the last minute submissions.

“Government will continue to pay registration fees of all candidates in the government aided programs of Universal Primary Education (UPE), Universal Secondary Education (USE) and Universal Post ‘O’ Level Education and Training (UPOLET). Head teachers in schools MUST therefore quickly upload the registration data of the learners since they do not have to make any payments” the Executive Secretary noted.

Candidates in Primary 7 will pay UGX 34,000 registration fees for PLE, those in Senior 4 will part with UGX 164,000 for UCE registration, while those in senior 6 will pay UGX 186,000 for UACE registration.

Odongo called upon manager of examination centres to avoid charging parents and pupils unfair amounts of money considering the financial challenges that have come with COVID-19 lock down.