Police castigates FDC for defying orders in Soroti

Posted: 2020-11-10T07:38:06Z Read: 1,264 times
Police castigates FDC for defying orders in Soroti

Uganda police says they got information that the Forum for Democratic Change, FDC party planned on disregarding all guidelines set by the electoral commission and agreed upon by the candidate and security for their campaigns launch in Soroti city.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says the returning officer together with the police territorial commanders sat down with the party leadership and realized that the venue they had picked to host their campaign launch is adjacent to the referral hospital which coul cause noise pollution.

“It is some open space which has a potential of attracting a number of fans and supporters including hooligans who tend to disrupt some of these events. And not only that, at Soroti referral hospital is where they are managing some COVID-19 suspects, so it has an isolation and quarantine centre, so we advised them to move from Soroti sports ground to the Mayors garden” Enanga says.

He added that the Mayors’ garden was more suitable for the events more than the sports ground. However, the party disregarded these guidelines and upon arrival in Soroti, the candidate and his procession went to the ground where he invited everyone to leave the Mayor’s garden and join them at the sports grounds.

Police used teargas and water cannons to disperse the crowds, and the party presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi ended up addressing a handful of his supporters. 
Amuriat also promised to fire the area Regional Police Commander once he is sworn in as President in May 2021.

Enanga says it is good to have a harmonized arrangement. He also noted that other candidates’ activities went well.

During his speech, Amuriat said that they are going into war, and will not be scared of the police or the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni’s attempts to frustrate their campaigns.

Speaking to the media in Soroti this morning, Amuriat said police should stop treating Ugandans like animals. He believes people can be dispersed in a non-dangerous way.

“Two of our supporters were shot with rubber bullets. I think the international community and donors have not done well or even speak out on what is being done by the government. We call upon them to take interest in what is happening in Uganda.