Sodo wins Mawogola North NRM Primaries as Shartis petitions party EC

Posted: 2020-10-01T08:25:40Z Read: 558 times
Sodo wins Mawogola North NRM Primaries as Shartis petitions party EC

President Yoweri Museveni’s young brother Sodo Aine Kaguta has emerged winner in the hotly contested and violence filled Mawogola North constituency NRM Party Parliamentary Primaries, beating closest rival and daughter to Minister of Internal Affairs Sam Kutesa’s daughter, Shartis Musherure.

Sodo was declared winner on Wednesday night by George William Katokoozi, the NRM elections registrar for Sembabule district, after polling 17, 343 votes against Shartsi’s 16,104 votes. While the other candidate, Salim Kisekka came last with 4,274 votes.

Meanwhile in Mawogola West another hotly contested constituency, the current Ssembabule Woman MP Hanifa Kawooya was declared winner of the NRM flag, beating rival and incumbent Ssekabito Joseph after polling 15, 923 votes against his 13,143.

Ssembabule Woman MP Seat was also won by Mary Begumisa who polled 73,940 votes beating her two rivals with a huge margin. Jovans Twongyeire came second with16,448 while Arinaitwe Phoebe came last with 11,011. 

In Mawogola North however, the contestant who came second Shartis Musherure, has petitioned the NRM elections Commission, claiming that she was awarded a zero result at 3 polling station when Dr. Tanga Odoi ordered a recount but her people had already left. She says that at another 3 villages, they were also cheated. She wants the election repeated in these 6 villaes.

“There are 6 villages, three of which we have zero voters, we have no voting that took place. It is impossible not to have a number of voters and we want to know why. For example at Kikoma, we got 345 votes but Dr. Tanga Odoi came back and nullified that vote and then asked for a fresh vote and our people had already left and we were given zero. The same happened in another 6 villages. I have written my petition to Dr. Tanga Odoi’s office” Shartis said.