Hopes fade as UPDF captures only 9 of the 219 Moroto Prison Escapee inmates 

Posted: 2020-09-18T10:35:12Z
Hopes fade as UPDF captures only 9 of the 219 Moroto Prison Escapee inmates 

Members of the community have been accused of aiding the escape of 219 inmates from Moroto Government Prison. The largest prison escape in the country happened on Wednesday evening, and efforts to capture them have proved futile the inmates reportedly mixed up with the community.

The Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine confirmed that 219 inmates overpowered security at the facility and broke into the armory before escaping at 4:30 pm on Wednesday.

At least 13 of the prisoners ran away with guns, something that has raised security risks in an already fragile region, characterized by cattle rustling and gun crime.

UPDF was called to lead the search operations on Wednesday, but by Thursday evening, only nine of the escapees had been recaptured, leaving 210 in the community.

According to Baine, joint security forces were pursuing the armed group from Kotido as they headed north through the jungles of Moroto close to the Kenyan border.
Baine says that after more than 24 hours, their hope was equally fading and that the Kotido group was the mastermind of the escape.

UPDF 3rd Division spokesperson Maj. Peter Mugisha accused the community of aiding the infamous escape by providing them with a haven for shelter and civilian clothing to hide their identity. 

He however says that the pursuit was ongoing despite thin hopes of finding the escapees who have scattered in the rangeland of Karamoja.