Museveni launches Yellow Motorcycles scheme, threatens to jail those who rigged in party primaries

Posted: 2020-09-07T12:18:52Z Read: 1,119 times
Museveni launches Yellow Motorcycles scheme, threatens to jail those who rigged in party primaries

It is raining motorcycles at the National Resistance Movement, NRM party head offices in Kampala, where the President and party chairman Yoweri Museveni launched the Yellow Motorcycles scheme on Monday morning.

The Motorcycles will be distributed to all NRM Sub County Chairpersons in the country. The president had promised that village level leaders under the party would receive bicycles, which were procured and distributed recently, while Sub county chairpersons get motorcycles and District leaders receive cars.

On the August 16th 2020, the National Chairman officially flagged of the distribution of the yellow bicycles to all NRM branch Chairpersons in the country.

During his speech this afternoon, Mr. Museveni warned individuals who claim the vote was rigged that they are idiots who should have used their eyes to see that they did not have enough people lining up behind them. He also warned those who changed results on DR forms that they will also end up in jail.

“The villages are there, the people are there, unless you kill all the villagers, the people saw. So, once there is any suspicion we shall go to the village and get the facts and we shall go for you. Instead of going to Parliament, you shall go to jail” he warned.

Mr. Museveni warned that such people will be charged with forgery and sent to jail. “And I checked the sentence for forgery, I think it is 7 years. By the time you finish the 7 years, this parliament will be over. But you are also trying to undermine the sovereignty of people, you have no right” the party chairman said.

He advised the aggrieved members of the party to write a petition and these will be reviewed by a panel of elders that will be set up per zone, since districts are too many. These will be comprised of respected people who are not party to the cases.