FDC set nomination dates for Party Presidential flag bearer   

Posted: 2020-08-10T11:32:05Z
FDC set nomination dates for Party Presidential flag bearer   

Forum for Democratic Party, FDC has set dates for nomination of the Party Presidential flag bearer. 

Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda the party spokesperson told a press conference at Party head offices in Najjananumbi on Monday, that those who want to carry the party flag should pick forms on either 18th or 19th August 2020.

“Dully filled nomination forms must be returned on either 25th or 26th of this month. And on the closure of business on 26th, we will have received and nominated candidates who want to be flag bearer for President” Nganda noted.

According to Nganda, all those planning to seek the party flag must read the FDC constitution to find out if they qualify for the seat. He noted that this will not be a ceremony for just anyone, but that one must be a member of the party and card holder who is qualified to stand.

Meanwhile, members seeking the Kampala Lord Mayoral seat and those planning to lead newly created cities and newly created constituencies have been encouraged to also pick nomination forms starting today.

The party spokesperson says this exercise will run for ten days and also includes areas where either members picked nomination forms and did not return them or they did not pick the forms at all.

“Those areas include; office of the Lord Mayor in Kampala, but also other newly created cities, that are now available for people to go and lead them. So if you want to contest for mayor in the new cities, come and pick forms beginning today and we will close in ten days” he said.